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Catio Cat Cafe


Home is where the cat is
About us—​
Home for Cats and Cat Lovers

Home is where the cat is.

Catio Cat Cafe is home to both cats and cat lovers. Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, our cat cafe allows cat lovers to take a break from their busy lives and enjoy some quality time with their furry companions, indulging themselves in some of life's little pleasures.


The cafe's design is based on a Japanese aesthetic with a natural wood style that cats adore. The environment is clean, comfortable, and bright, making it the perfect spot for friends, couples, and families to come and have close encounters with our feline friends. While relaxing and playing with the cats, customers can also enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee or a hearty meal. We offer a variety of dishes such as pasta, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, snacks, and desserts, catering to different tastes.

There are over 10 cats in the cafe, including American Shorthairs, British Shorthairs, Exotic Shorthairs, and Ragdolls, all of which are very friendly. Our staff will also share tips on how to interact with cats. Catio Cat Cafe is for sure a great place for animal lovers to visit.

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Commitment to our
Furry Friends

The Catio Cat Cafe team is made up of cat lovers, and the health and welfare of our feline friends are our top priority. We are committed to maintaining a clean, comfortable, and quiet space for the cats to relax and enjoy their lives without any worries. Therefore, we ask our visitors to kindly assist us with the following:

  1. Please do not pick up the cats, as they may get startled and struggle, which could lead to injury. They may also perceive you as a threat.

  2. Please do not feed the cats with human food.

  3. You are welcome to take selfies with the cats, but please refrain from using flash. 

  4. You may gently stroke their heads or backs, but please do not hit them with a cat toy. Also, do not pull their tails, fur, or any other body parts. Please treat the cats gently.

  5. Please do not make loud noises, as cats prefer a quiet environment.

We welcome children to visit and interact with the cats, but we kindly ask parents to remind their children to follow the guidelines above.

**If customers fail to comply with these guidelines and even harm the cats, and if your behaviours persist after being reminded, we reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately without any refund.


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Pursuit of Food Quality

In addition to providing a place for you to relax and bond with our furry friends, we at Catio understand that more and more customers are pursuing healthy eating. We adhere to the principle of no MSG and offer fresh vegetable salads to ensure that you can eat healthily and with peace of mind. We also serve a variety of coffees and natural Taiwanese beverages, so you can indulge yourself while enjoying a leisurely time at our cafe.

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Visit Catio


1501-02 United Success Commercial Centre

506-508 Jaffe Road

Causeway Bay

Enquiry: 6413 4929

Business Hour

12pm – 9:30pm (last order 9pm)

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Become an Elite Cat Club Member

Becoming an Elite Cat Lover Club member is absolutely free! Simply click on the link below and fill out the information to enjoy regular discounts and birthday month promotions.

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